Real estate data, on-chain

Blockchain Home Registry is a protocol building the decentralized
source of truth for the world’s real estate information

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The real estate oracle

Data and information about homes is fragmented, unreliable, and difficult to access. The BHR protocol allows anyone to access reliable information about any home in real-time, on-chain. This will foster rapid innovation and help modernize the entire real estate industry.

Limitless applications

The BHR protocol is built to scale and support innovations across the entire real estate ecosystem

Add-to-Earn app

To demonstrate what can be achieved on the protocol, our team built an example Web3 application that allows homeowners to earn HOME rewards for adding information about their property to BHR (appliance data, maintenance history, etc.). Homeowners can choose to monetize their data and are compensated when it is consumed on the network.

About us

Since 2017, our team has been building innovative technology to make it easier to buy, sell, and own homes. Along the way, we’ve grown profitable businesses, raised multiple rounds of venture capital, and forged deep indsutry relationships. Now, we’re channeling our experience to build Blockchain Home Registry in order to solve some of the real estate industry’s biggest problems.

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BHR roadmap

The path to democratized real estate data