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Claim your home's
verified NFT to unlock:

A permanent, transferable, historical
record of your home (like CARFAX® for your house)

Your homeowner's dashboard to manage your home's
data and track maintenance history

New information and insights about your home
provided by leading real estate organizations

Lifetime access to the BHR platform,
community, and rewards

Our Vision

Decentralized real estate

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, yet the industry is competitive and perpetually reticent to modernize. Web3 technology presents a new opportunity to establish trust and confidence throughout the real estate ecosystem by leveraging its open and immutable nature. BHR’s collaborative protocol will serve as the standard and infrastructure to power the future of real estate.

Our Mission

Democratizing home data

Important information about your home (ownership history, maintenance and renovation records, climate risk, solar potential, etc.) is hard to access, incomplete, and unreliable. Companies know more about your home than you do, and make money off of your most signficant asset. This needs to change, and it’s why we’re building BHR. If you own your home, you should own its data, too.

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Our roadmap


Data Security

Robust safeguards to keep your personal home data secure - both from loss and unauthorized access

  • Verified NFT-gated access to your home‘s record
  • Home ownership verification confirmed via public record
  • KYC identity verification
Coming Soon

Data Monetization

Let your home data work for you

  • Choose to monetize your home’s data with trusted third-party organizations
  • Earn money by adding information and data to your home record

Learn everything there is
to know about your home

BHR will support integrations with leading real estate organizations to add new information
to your home‘s record, while providing access to exclusive products and promotions

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain Home Registry is a Web3 real estate platform that provides homeowners access to a permanent, transferrable, historical record of their home - like a supercharged CARFAX for homes. Leading organizations from across the real estate ecosystem will add their unique home data to the network, allowing you to learn more about your property over time (i.e. solar potential, real-time energy usage, maintenance history) and even monetize your home data directly with companies if you choose.

By claiming your home, you will receive a verified NFT of the property. This NFT is the key to your digital home record and unlocks the BHR dashboard where you can securely store and manage your home documents, files, and information. All home claims come with a free home valuation report and lifetime access to the BHR community and rewards.

Nothing is more important than keeping your personal data safe and secure - both from loss and unauthorized access. Blockchain Home Registry has been built with robust safeguards to ensure that you and only you are allowed to access your home record.

Any information you upload to your home record on BHR is kept in secured, redundant cloud storage and not on-chain.

Right now it is $20 to claim your home on BHR when you use the code EARLY20. There are no other costs or hidden fees. Normally claiming a home on BHR costs $50 per property. Your one-time claim gives you lifetime access to the BHR platform and your home record (as long as you are the legal owner of the property). Eventually you will be able to earn money on BHR by monetizing your home data if you choose.

We built BHR on the blockchain because of its open and immutable nature. Homeowners and integrating organizations mutually benefit from a fully transparent platform and there are many efficiency advantages that blockchain technology affords.

Currently, BHR is available for any home in the United States. We plan to expand to all real estate internationally in the future, so stay tuned for updates.

Our Team

Proptech veterans passionate about revolutionizing real estate

Since 2017, our team has been building innovative technology to make it easier to buy, sell, and own homes. Along the way we’ve realized how broken the real estate industry is, and we noticed two especially large problems. First, when you own your home, you don’t own its data. Instead, title companies know more than you do about ownership history, insurance companies know more about climate risk, energy companies know more about your usage–the list goes on. Second, while there is a huge amount of innovation happening in the real estate space, the industry is incredibly fragmented, hypercompetitive, and not at all collaborative. We built Blockchain Home Registry to address both of those problems.