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BHR is organizing the world‘s real estate data
and making it universally accessible

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How it works


Look up any address or claim a home you own


Add data about homes to earn $HOME Rewards


Use $HOME or USD to unlock a RealReport™ about any property


Add data about your home or any property to earn $HOME Rewards. Home data includes everything from the number of bedrooms to appliance brands. The more data you add, the more rewards you'll earn.

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Our Mission

Democratizing home information

Real estate data is fragmented, difficult to access, and controlled by protectionist organizations that aggressively preserve the status quo. This is unfair to the homeowners whose data is being sold without their knowledge and makes industry innovation nearly impossible. Our mission at BHR is to assemble the world's real estate data and make reliable information about homes transparent and accessible.

Unlock premium data
with a RealReport™

The real estate market is more volatile than ever. Unlock the RealReport™ for any home address to access critical property information to give you the upper hand and avoid buying nightmares.


Claim your home
to unlock:

Free RealReport™ for your home

Monetizing your home data

NFT to control your home‘s data and privacy

Frequently Asked Questions

A RealReport™ for any home costs $50.

RealReports™ are incredibly useful for anyone looking to buy a home, or for real estate agents looking to help their clients make more informed decisions.

It costs $50 to claim your home, which includes a free RealReport™ and unique NFT of the home.

By claiming your home, you can start to take control of your data. Once your verify that you own the home, you will earn $HOME Rewards every time anyone purchases a RealReport™ for your home in the future. All home claims also come with a a free RealReport™ ($50 value) for your home and a unique NFT that controls access to it‘s data.

BHR is available for any home in the United States.

When you add data to your home record, you will receive $HOME rewards. Rewards can be used to unlock a RealReport™ about your home or held to redeem later on. Early users will receive additional rewards and other surprises over time.

BHR is building a protocol to be the single source of truth for all global real estate data. Data and information about homes is fragmented, unreliable, and difficult to access. The BHR protocol allows anyone to access reliable information about any home in real-time.

Our Team

Real estate tech veterans

Since 2017, our team has been building innovative technology to make it easier to buy, sell, and own homes. Along the way, we’ve grown profitable businesses, raised multiple rounds of venture capital, and forged deep industry relationships. Now, we’re channeling our experience to build BHR in order to solve some of the real estate industry’s biggest problems. BHR presents endless opportunities for technological and financial innovation, while ensuring that homeowners are kept at the center of it all.